Bai Yiyi (B. 1992), a multimedia major in Raffles School of design, Donghua University, is now active in Beijing and Shanghai. Recent projects include « report on flying mosquito disease » (798 Art Center / Beijing), and « MEGA MIXED SPECIES » (Cheng Contemporary Art Center / Beijing).

Bai Yiyi’s work mainly focuses on the concept of « hybridization ». « hybridization » refers to accidental factors, or the mixing of species under human intervention, or the cross-cultural colonization in the development of human modern society. In his work, he extends “hybridization » to the possibility of symbiosis between natural and artificial beings. Bai lived on a farm through childhood, thus developed a keen interest in the environment and animals. Later, his multimedia work experience has led to the habit of observing data and image streams. Since 2016, he has begun to collect a large number of images from different sources, including natural landscapes in the environment and image streams captured on the Internet. He uses software to extract parts that interest him, collects and displays them. In this process, a unique observation method has gradually formed. In the past two years, he has deliberately shaped the outline of his collected material to the living body, by stretching, twisting, repeating the skin texture, and occupying a large area of the canvas, he changed the form of life and filled the “blank space » of painting. In Bai’s opinion, the biggest difference from the “hybrid” in biotechnology is that the “hybrid” in art creation is completely fictitious. Creatures that have been recreated on the canvas have unlimited possessions and exist in a completely hypothetical space.