NADA Miami


December 1 - 5, 2020

Presenting Rose Barberat, Ethan Greenbaum, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Tyler Thacker, Margaux Valengin

“Tossed About By The Waves”

As French art dealers travelling across the Atlantic to attend NADA, we’ve been very much in awe by the enchanting, decadent, and time travel experience which Miami had to offer during this precious time. Nevertheless, this year has turned to be special. 2020 has undeniably been a rough and tough year, baring the cost of a sanitarian and political crisis, both in the US and in France. Hence, we’ve imagined what could have been our Miami booth, merging fun with heaviness, awkwardness with comfort, light with darkness, all of that through different types of artworks. Some bringing ease and lightness, others featuring explicit political work often flirting with ambiguity.
We first wanted to transform the booth into an exhibition to give these artworks the visibility they deserved. We asked the French artist Rose Barberat to imagine a fresco on the gallery walls, on which we intended to invent an original hanging. However, By declaring a new lock-down after another epidemic wave last month, the French government forced us to give up on the idea of a physical exhibition open to the public and to convert this into a virtual exhibition, “Tossed About By The Waves ».